Tome 64 fascicule 1 (2018), Librairie en ligne de l'ARSOM


Tome 64 fascicule 1 (2018)

Tome 64 fascicule 1 (2018)

E. Gorris. — Maritime Relations between Elam and Mesopotamia (1000-520 BC): A political and Economic Network.
K. De Graef. — One is Not Born, but Rather Becomes, a Naditum. The Economic Role of the Naditums in Old Babylonian Society (1880-1595 BC).
N. Antoine-Moussiaux. — The Bridging Role of Socio-economic Reasoning in "One Health"
J.-C. Michaux. — The Overexploitation of the Endemic Sardine, Nannothrissa stewarti, from Lake Mai-Ndombe (DR Congo): An Unexpected Result of the National Malaria Control Plan.
M. Heijde. — The Biotechnological Promises and Bottlenecks for a Sustainable and Intensified Agriculture in Africa.
P. Bellevaire. — Jean Barthe's Journey through East Asia (1855-1857) as a Naval Surgeon, a Meteorologist and a Naturalist

In Memoriam:
Jan Vansina
Francis Thirion

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