Tome 62 fascicule 2 (2016), Librairie en ligne de l'ARSOM


Tome 62 fascicule 2 (2016)

Tome 62 fascicule 2 (2016)

J.-C. Ducène. - Africa in Medieval Arab Geography (9th-15th century) F. Nahavandi. - Brain Gain: A NEw Form of Resource Extraction from the South ?
J. Raymaekers. - The Musée de la vie indigène in Leopoldsville
K. Pype. - On Interference and Hotspots. Ethnographic Explorations of Rural-Urban Connectivity in and around Kinshasa's Phonie Cabins
F. Arenas et. al. - The Real Estate Offer and the Urban Development as Factors of Vulnerability to Natural Hazards. The Case of the Concon Coast in Central Chile
R. Malu. - Two Innovative Approaches to Science Education in the Democratic Republic of Conqo: PEQPESU and SSW

In Memoriam:
Louis Baeck

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