Overseas Belgian Biography: Volume III (Hardback)

Overseas Belgian Biography: Volume III (Hardback)
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8 x Tribute to Lilyan Kesteloot
2 x Volume 1 issue 1 (2023)
4 x The Signs of Which Times? Chronological and Palaeoenvironmental Issues in the Rock Art of Northern Africa
4 x The Belgian Congo between the Two World Wars
4 x Traditional Wisdom and Political Expression
3 x Volume 65 issue 2 (2019)
7 x Overseas Belgian Biography: Volume III (Paperback)
4 x Volume 63 issue 2 (2017)
2 x Map of surface transport (LEDERER, A.)
5 x VANDERLINDEN J. : Main-d'oeuvre, Eglise, Capital et Administration dans le Congo des années trente. Vol.II
3 x Volume 63 issue 1 (2017)
2 x Volume 62 issue 1 (2016)
8 x Overseas Belgian Biography: Volume III (Hardback)
3 x Volume 64 issue 2 (2018)
4 x VINCK H. : Conflits fonciers au Congo belge. Opinions congolaises
10 x Overseas Belgian Biography: Volume IX (Hardback)
9 x LUFFIN X. : Un autre regard sur l'histoire congolaise. Les documents arabes et swahilis dans les archives belges (1880-1899)
4 x Overseas Belgian Biography: Volume II (Paperback)
1 x DOMONT, J.-M.: Un territorial au pays des sectes politico-religieuses du Bas-Congo pendant les années 1939-1945
3 x Volume 64 issue 1 (2018)
1 x Sustainable Energy for Africa
1 x JANSSENS, P.G., WERY, M. & PASKOFF, S. : Adrien Charles Loir pasteurien de première génération
1 x KIZITO, Y.S.: Studies of the Zooplankton of two Western Uganda Crater Lakes, Nkuruba and Nyahirya, with Special Emphasis on the Bionomics and Productivity of the Cyclopoids
7 x L’Ordre juridique colonial belge en Afrique centrale. Eléments d’histoire (hardback)
8 x Yearbook 2023
3 x What Ever Happened to the People? Humans and Anthropomorphs in the Rock Art of Northern Africa
4 x Volume 2 issue 1 (2024)
5 x Volume 1 issue 2 (2023)
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