One of the important tasks of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences is the publication of scientific studies.

License Creative Commons
All publications by Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.

Publications are divided into different series of which the major ones are:

The Bulletin des Séances / Mededelingen der Zittingen

The Bulletin is the journal of the Academy. It contains the texts of the papers presented orally during the three sections meetings. 

The Memoirs

Each of the three Sections has its own series of memoirs. Every memoir consists of a monograph whose publication is approved by the Section involved after scrutiny by an editorial committee. Prizewinning works as part of yearly competitions or Academy Prizes can also be published in the Memoirs series.

The Proceedings

Colloquia, symposia, seminars or conferences on a variety of topics related to overseas sciences are regularly organized. These public activities usually lead to the publication of proceedings including the texts of the lectures delivered.

The Overseas Belgian Biography

The Overseas Belgian Biography is a collection of biographical notes dedicated to Belgians who have been active in an overseas country. The selection is not limited to Belgian citizens but can also be extended to foreigners who were involved in overseas Belgian achievements. The Belgian Overseas Biography Commission is responsible for the publication of these volumes.

Fontes Historiæ Africanæ

Fontes Historiæ Africanæ/Sources of African History is an international publication project, initiated in 1962 under the general auspices of the "Union Académique Internationale" in Brussels to publish critical editions of sources for the history of sub-Saharan Africa.